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2020高考英语必须背会的18篇满分范文来啦,18个写作体裁,18篇满分佳作,每个写作体裁另有好句背诵哦,高考英语写作满分必备!老师已为大家备好电子打印版,文末附电子打印版免费领取方式,想要获取电子打印版请拉到文末。一. 邀请信〖好句背诵〗1. I'm now writing on behalf of the classmates to invite you to come and attend it, if you can spare the time.我代表同学写信邀请您来到场,如果您能抽出时间的话。

2. I sincerely invite you to watch the show because…我诚挚地邀请您来看演出,因为…...3. You can reach me through my phone number 4476655 at your convenience.您可以在您利便的时候打我的电话,号码是 44876655。〖满分佳作赏析〗假定你是李华。你班同学决议为小明举行生日聚会。


请你写信邀请外教Susan到场,要点包罗:1. 时间:周五晚 8 点至 9 点2. 所在:学生俱乐部3. 内容:唱生日歌、吃蛋糕、玩游戏等4. 要求:备小礼物Hi, Susan,We're throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s birthday.As scheduled, all the classmates in our class will gather at the Students' Centre at 8 pm this Friday evening to celebrate Xiaoming's birthday. We would feel much honored if you could come and enjoy it, which is to finish at 9, lasting an hour.As the party starts, we will light the candles and sing "Happy Birthday" for him. Then the birthday cake will be presented and cut for all of us to enjoy, following which we'll sing songs and play some small games. What's more, as a surprise, we'll all prepare some secret birthday gifts for him, and it'll be great to see how surprised he will be seeing the gifts. As it's a surprise party, he will know nothing about it beforehand, and we do hope that you could manage to attend it.Looking forward to your coming.YoursLi Hua 二. 询问/回复信〖好句背诵〗1. I am writing to ask for more information about it.我写信来询问更多关于它的消息。2. There are some pieces of information that I'd like to share with you.有一些消息我想要和你分享。3. The most significant thing you should keep in mind is that…你需要记着的最重要的事情是......〖满分佳作赏析〗假定你是李华,计划暑假期间去英国学习英语,为期六周。

下面的广告引起了你的注意,请给该校写封信,询问有关情况(箭头所指内容)。ENJOY A RELAXING STUDY BREAKIN BEAUTIFUL LANCASTER-----------------------------------------LANGUAGE CENTRE AND COLLEGE OF ARTSUNIVERSITY OF LANCASTERLanguages * English * French * SpanishArts * Politics * Sociology * History3wk, 6wk and 12wk courses***Reasonable fees***Accommodation serviceDear Sir / Madam,I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain to attend a summer school during the vacation. I've seen your ad, and I'd like to know something more about your six-week English courses.Firs。